eduroam (en)

Our school is connected to eduroam

eduroam is an international mobility and roaming supporting project in a national research and education network (NREN). In the Czech Republic, the project has been under the umbrella of CESNET association. Our school engaged in the project in 2021. It is a further step towards increasing the study quality and our institution’s prestige.

One account. Wherever

Registered user can use this wireless network (wherever available) through the single user account. Account’s administration is conducted by the home (establishing) institution.

The use of roaming is simple. User’s properly set device is connected automatically the moment the eudoram network is available. It is similar to the connection to foreign networks of mobile telephone providers through roaming. Hence the acronym: education roaming.

The service is free of charge for each user.

Eduroam account activation

Username in eduroam consists of two parts – the username and realm. In order to gain access to the  roaming service add the character @ and the realm after the username you are accustomed to use in the other school’s systems. You will also need to set your eduroam password before using the roaming service.

User device setting for connection to eduroam

Username and password are not enough for safe connection to eduroam. You also need to set certifications’ check; the easiest way is through eduroam CAT, viz. documentation on

You will need following information for manual setting:

  • Service Set Identifier (SSID): eduroam
  • connection protocol: 802.1x
  • security and encoding: WPA2/AES
  • verification: PEAP (alternatively TTLS)
  • internal authentication protocol: MS-CHAPv2
  • name of the RADIUS server:
  • certification authority: eduroamCA
  • IP address is assigned automatically through DHCP protocol

Areas with full coverage

eduroam is available in all classrooms and other school premises.

Operation filtering

Student‘s operations are filtered according to the legislation of the Czech Republic.

Guest’s operations are not interfered with, except for filtering outgoing SMTP operation (TCP/25). Use the service SMTPS (TCP/465) or Submision (TCP/587) for sending mail.


Users from our school/institution can turn to email or call +420 777 281 264.

Guests with the eduroam account should primarily seek support from their home institution, the one which provided them with the account.